Heroes Family Camp

Heroes Headquarters - Family Camp
Planning a family vacation?
Looking for a meaningful time with the family that will last for years to come?
Have you always wanted to have an extraordinary family that is able to impact lives and community?  


Targeted to young families with kids from 6-17 years old. At the Heroes Family Camp, we have designed experiential activities that encourage family bonding in a fun and meaningful way. Here in this camp, we explore individual roles, bring awareness of their strengths and growth areas, and focus on maximizing their strengths to accomplish the family goals.

This meaningful, inspiring and experiential 3-day program will equip families to build a road-map to becoming a Heroes Family. Here, you will be given super tools to becoming the hero family you have always dreamed of.




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If you are looking to have a family camp just like this for your organization, then feel free to give us a call and we can sit and discuss how we can cater this program for your needs.



"A conceptually sound, real-life oriented and fun course on how families can deal effectively with everyday challenges of family life."

Dr. Adis Duderija, Visiting Senior Lecturer, Gender Studies - University of Malaya


"The family program gave my entire family to work on a project that requires consultation and communication at a peer level for the first time which we as parents had never experienced. It's a breakthrough in respect for my children and enabled us to know how to work as a team. The development of our family mission values which we learned will be a guide to our family values and focus. It was a leap of realization of the family dynamics and am thankful for the in-depth experience."

Donald Lim, Director - Leadership Insight Sdn. Bhd.