YOLO Girls Adventure Camp

Heroes Youth - yolo
There's a song that goes "Girls just wanna have fun!" and it's true! There's so much to life and what it has to offer, we should make the best of it ... after all, you only live once! Hence, the importance in making sure you are given the right tools to make the right choices everyday. Choices like who to trust, what to do in a difficult friendship, when to speak up, which snack to choose, dressing appropriately ... the power is in your hands.
In this camp, we want to empower you to examine messages that you receive about the girl you "should" be, determine who creates those messages and why. Then you will get time to reflect on who you want to be, why and how to stay true to yourself.

While opportunities for girls have never been greater, dangers also abound. That's why we have also included a session in the camp to equip you with some self-defense knowledge so that you can face life with greater confidence.

You will leave the YOLO Girls Adventure Camp with personal leadership skills, a handbook, a certificate, YOLO T-shirt, personal vision board, tons of new found friends, great memories and skills for life!




Click here to view the gallery of the last YOLO Girls Adventure Camp on 23-25 August 2018.

Click here to find out more about the coming YOLO Girls Adventure Camp scheduled on 24-26 November 2019. 



"I loved this program and it has given me a boost in confidence and self-esteem."

Maya, YOLO Girls Adventure Camp Participant


"I learnt to step out of my comfort zone, made awesome friends."

Shane Chu, YOLO Girls Adventure Camp Participant


"This program taught me how to conquer my fears and to live life to its fullest."

Bianca Thuraisingam, YOLO Girls Adventure Camp Participant


"I felt that I belonged more, and people can understand me. It helps me to know myself better and to live the right way, without regrets."

Cheah ZhiXin, YOLO Girls Adventure Camp Participant