What’s it about?

You’re repeating yourself a thousand times a day. You’ve tried reward systems, threats, bribes and timeouts to get your child to behave, but it’s not working. You’re losing your calm, and you don’t know what else to do. It feels like a never-ending struggle and a very lonely journey.

You don’t have to wait for that 'one special day' when it will get better. Or you don’t have to panic that you’ve waited too long and it’s beyond any control.

A parent coach can help you identify your triggers, work through your options and walk with you on this journey as a parent.

Parent coaches can assist families in

  • Discovering their dreams for the family
  • Develop strategies to address the current challenges they face.
  • Draw up a parenting plan that is unique to their family so that they can enjoy the lifelong rewards they dream of.

There are however, no quick fixes or magic pills involved. Just practical tools and strategies that you need to be willing to apply and implement.

The work generally requires 6 sessions over a 2-to-3-month period of time. Each session is an hour long.

However, if you just want to do one session to help you uncover new insights, ideas and practical solutions for a single specific challenge, we are here to support you to bring about that positive change you desire for your family.

How can we help?


Single Parent Coaching Session

Sometimes things can get pretty challenging and it might feel like nothing seems to work. My goal is to help you discover the strengths in your family, uncover insights and identify strategies for a specific challenge you're facing.

  • Online Video Call / In-person (if circumstances permit)
  • 1 session
  • 60 minutes/session
  • Strategies for a specific challenge

Bundle Parent Coaching Sessions

If you feel that there's something more to this family life, these sessions are designed to help you get clarity on where the family is heading, and find the plans and strategies for your current challenges. Let’s uncover your family’s unique roadmap so that you can enjoy the lifelong rewards you dream of.

  • Online Video Call / In-person (if circumstances permit)
  • 6 sessions (3-6 months)
  • 60 minutes/session
  • Strategies for multiple challenges
  • Tailored Parenting Plan
  • Family Mission Statement