Heroes Dad & Son Outback
Adventure Camp


Heroes Dad & Son Outback
Adventure Camp


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Dad & Son (age 7-14 years old)


2 days (To be confirmed)


To be confirmed

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What's it about?

A boy learns his responsibility as a man by watching it role modeled by his dad, and by spending time with him. The power has been given to you, dad.

This program will provide you and your son the opportunity to kick back, put on the cowboy mindset and hit the outback. This will be a platform for you, daddies to explore, guide and impart knowledge to your son. There will be man-to-man talks over the campfire, and a time to understand each other more. This is an opportune time to engrave memories that will last a lifetime.

Program Objectives

  • Create opportunity for dad to impart wisdom and legacy to the son
  • Foster deeper and more meaningful relationship
  • Enjoy and experience being “Man” in nature together
  • Build memories for life

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